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Their Finest Hour: The founders gave us a “fail-safe” option in Article V - it may be our only hope

These are grave days in America. Threats to our freedom abound, externally and internally, and our federal government appears incapable of taking the initiative to fix the mess in Washington and deal effectively with these threats. But there is a glimmer of hope: state legislators seem to be rising to the challenge and hinting at the leadership we so desperately need today. The wisdom of the founders in distributing power between the federal and state levels is evident, and the states must assert their power if the republic is to survive.

The public is quick to blame Congress for our problems, and many say that if we just elect the “right” people they will fix the problems. We take a contrary position: we believe that developments in recent decades have crippled our federal government in ways that make it virtually impossible to heal itself. Action by our state legislators is clearly our best hope to save the republic. To do this, legislators must look beyond the “noise” of the daily news cycle and the incessant demands from special interests; they must focus on the fundamental reforms that can save the American Experiment.

The stage is indeed set for state legislators to realize Their Finest Hour.

It is time for them to take the lead and initiate action for meaningful reform.

Fundamental reform is needed. If our legislators will consider and debate the various reform proposals in a convention of states to consider amendments, we believe they will find solutions that are compelling.

But, they must be aware that the hour is late, and the need urgent!

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