Restoring the American Dream For Our Young Adults: Maintaining an environment of opportunity

In recent years, the opportunities have diminished for young adults that are starting their working careers and considering starting a family. Our rapid economic growth of the last half of the 20th century provided abundant opportunities for personal growth and rising incomes, but as we turned over the calendar to start a new century the outlook became cloudy and economic opportunities for young people contracted.

What caused this change? Our democratic form of government (that supported a free market economy) had performed brilliantly for nearly 200 years as our country grew to have the strongest economy in the world and we enjoyed a standard of living surpassing all other nations. This growth was driven by our personal freedom, which led to innovations that sparked our extraordinary, dynamic growth.

It also produced great benefits to our society, including dramatic reductions in poverty. Our leadership in economic innovation has been recognized and admired throughout the world, and many other nations have studied it to learn its “secrets.” So how did we lose our mojo?

The reason for our diminished opportunities is right in front of us; in fact, you could say it is “in our face.” It is a bloated, gargantuan, bureaucratic government that has been eating away at our freedoms, stifling our creativity, and slowing our economic growth. This has resulted in reduced personal opportunities for our young adults. Some observers are saying that this slower growth is our “new normal,” and we must adjust our policies and expectations to this new reality.

We categorically reject this assertion. Our individual creativity and personal

desire to make a difference is intact and well; It simply

needs to be released and allowed to be expressed.

So how do we do this? The first step is to gain control of the leviathan we have allowed to grow in Washington by implementing fundamental reform of the federal government. This will rejuvenate our democracy and that will in turn unlock our individual creativity. When we have done this, our young adults will once again have increased opportunities and a brighter future.

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