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Our government is broken and Congress, gripped by rigid partisanship, is unable to initiate the reforms needed to fix it.  In this situation, the Constitution gives the People the authority to take action (through state legislatures) by calling a convention of states for proposing amendments to the Constitution.

If the People do convene such a gathering, all reform-minded groups will have the opportunity to present their amendment proposals for consideration. The five Act 2 Reform amendments will be among those presented to the convention.  They are described in this website along with the results they will achieve in transforming Washington into an effective government.

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A Convention of States

Every honest voice for reform should be heard and respected, with the best ideas selected for submission to the states for possible ratification. 

Socialism or Freedom

The last 200 years have given us a ring-side seat at the workings of a number of different government forms. When we evaluate them, we do not need to rely on theory; we can observe the actual positive and negative results.

Term Limits

Just as was done with the Executive Branch, we must now apply term limits to the judicial and legislative branches of the federal government. 

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